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Be Smart - Energy Conservation Information


But the mission still remains:

Students and parents working together to promote energy saving habits into their homes and ultimately experience savings in energy costs.


Here are some energy saving tips:

Heating Tips- Ideal thermostat temperature between 65F and 68F. Keep heat inside during winter and outside during summer.

Cooling Tips- Ideal temperature 78F or higher and run a fan to circulate air.

Water Heating Tips- Set Temp. at 120F. Take 5 minute showers. Fix water leaks. Insulate water pipes.

Lighting Tips- Install fluorescent light bulbs. Keep lights off when not in use and use task lighting.

Kitchen Tips- Set temp. of Refrigerator between 37F to 40F and Freezer at 0F. Keep refrigerator door closed. Use microwave or other small appliances to cook instead of oven when possible. Run dishwasher when full, and rinse dishes in cold water.

Laundry Room Tips- Always run full loads. Wash clothes in warm or cold and rinse with cold water. When drying clean lint filter after every load and hang clothes outside when it is sunny.

Use Energy Star Products!

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