Did U Know these 12 Home Energy Savings Tips?
Back to Main Site There are many simple, no-cost things you can do around your house to help save energy and money throughout the year.  Just put some of the following tips into action and you’ll be on your way to savings.

Home Heating

1 Keep your thermostat set at the lowest, most comfortable level possible. An extra layer of clothing may be all you need to compensate for a slightly lower thermostat setting.

2 Clean or replace furnace filters regularly. Clean filters allow systems to run more efficiently, and that saves energy.

3 On cold, sunny days, keep drapes and shades open to allow the sun to shine in. On cold, overcast days and at night, keep the cold out by keeping your drapes and shades closed.

4 Donít block heat registers and wall heaters with furniture so that air circulates efficiently.

5 Turn down the heat in rooms you donít use (unless you have a heat pump).

Home Cooling

6 If you do use an air conditioner or cooling system, keep it set at 78 degrees or higher.  Cooler settings use more electricity.

7 Keep air conditioners clean.  Air conditioner filters should be cleaned or replaced once a month during use.

8 Keep doors, windows, shades and drapes closed during the day to keep warm air and sunshine out. Open windows in the evening (if it is cooler outside) for natural ventilation.

9 Use clothes dryers, ovens and other heat generating appliances less often, or in the morning or evening hours when your house is cooler.

Water Heating

10 Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees (130 to 140 if you have a dishwasher). Your water heater is the second largest energy user in your house. Lowering your water heater temperature will lower its energy use.

11 Use hot water only when necessary. Use warm or cold water cycles for washing clothes whenever possible.

12 Use less hot water. Limit showers to five minutes or less. Use sink stoppers when washing dishes or shaving to prevent water from running down the drain before it can be used.

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